Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oooo.. Ooo.. Oooo.. Ooo.. This is Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

It is Halloween tomorrow and we have been celebrating all weekend!  On Friday night we made the trip to the big Salt Lake City and went to Nightmare on 13th.  I was soooo dang nervous!  But I just had too keep telling myself that it is just people dressed up to scare me and if I pretend I am not scared they won't follow me.  And it turns out it wasn't nearly as scary as I remembered and we had a ton of fun!

The Crew

Then last night we decided to make a fun Halloween dinner.  So we made some haunted punch, some witch fingers, a cupcake pumpkin patch, spooky spagetii, and some jack'o'lantern quesadillas.  It was way yummy and a lot of fun.  Then we watch the skeleton key.  It was a pretty dang creepy show.

Our Creepy Witch Fingers. Pretty good ehh?

Oh and I get to dress up for work!  So I will post my sweet costume soon!  And I just had to share this next photo.  My little sister just got a cell phone so this afternoon I got this picture in a text and thought it was so darn funny!  Love and miss you hippie Mom and Dad you look great!

The funniest thing I have ever seen!

It has been a while sense I have blogged.  I just completely lost track of time!  But my blog is under construction and as soon as I get it looking good again I will blog my heart out.  Until next time blog world.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What have I been doing all summer??

So really though ever sense I got home from New York I feel like I have kinda dropped off of the face of the planet but not really.  I only have 5 more days at Paula Berg which will be so nice to have done!! Then I will have a week off and will move right back up to log town for school. 

But here is a quick update...

I have eaten healthy (this means I can eat whatever I want minus Sweets and Candy which is a serious struggle) for a total of days. yeah baby.  I am mostly keeping it up because I am doing it for 30 days with my dad and I will not give up.

Also ever sense I saw pinterest I have tried a couple of new craft projects. and here they are!

yes these are heart cupcakes. yum.
I made this last year but I still like it. 
and last but not least. I made a skirt out of my dads old shirt. sweet huh?

Yes I just made myself a Justin Bieber station on Pandora...

Okay so today is a little slow at my internship.  I am just filing a TON of papers and I am getting a little sick of it so I take mini breaks every now and then.  And was just thinking I could use a little of j biebs in my life right now and I am loving it. haha.  

Anyway one of these breaks has included Pinterest.  Ever heard of it?? Well if you are creative or like to craft at all it could be dangerous.  There are sooo many great things that I want to try but I am lacking in the time area these days...

I am interning at Paula Berg Design Mon-Fri from 9:00-5:00.  Which is great minus the fact that I am broke as a joke so I am also working at the famous and reliable BBB from 6:00-10:30.  So I don't really have a ton of time but it sure is nice to finally get a paycheck again.  I swear it is going to be so weird/nice when I don't have to pay for school and all I will do is work 40 hrs a week.

Also I am starting to eat healthy again.  As of today.  But seriously this time... I always say I am going to eat healthy and then I lose it so here we go again.  No sweets because I can't just eat one I have to eat ten. 


Monday, July 4, 2011

I know that my Redeemer Lives

Last week when I realized that I only had a week left in the city I started to look at the list of things I had done in the city and figured out what was still on the list.  I still hadn't visited the temple so I put it on the list.  Autumn one of the girl I live with said she wanted to go with.  So I finally went!  It was AMAZING!  It is such a cool temple because you are on a crazy busy street in Manhattan and next thing you know you are inside of the temple.  The first thing I saw when I walked in was a bunch of older temple workers.  They were so nice and it was great to know that everyone who was in the temple was worthy and had the same values as I do.  I couldn't stop smiling and felt so great after.  I wish I would have gone earlier.

It is so different living in a city where most people don't have any idea what a LDS person believes or how they live their life.  It has been a great experience for me and has totally strengthen my testimony!  Never before have I had to explain to others what I believe and why.  I have lots of friends in Salt Lake that aren't LDS but they live in Utah so they understand why I don't drink or why I do what I do.  Here whenever someone asked me if I want anything to drink and I say no thank you their jaw always drops.  Never have I before had to explain that it is a commandment and I  know that I will be blessed for not drinking.  People in general are very respectful they are always just shocked.  After going to countless parties were the alcohol is free it would be very easy for me to just have a drink.  But coming here has made me even more sure that The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints is the true church.  I felt such a great comfort in going to the temple and knowing that God loves each one of us and knows who we are and will take care of us.  I am so grateful that God has a plan for us.  If someone I know passes away I am sad but I have the great joy of understanding that I will see them again.  I feel so much as peace in my life that I know why we are here and that God has a plan.

I also have gained even a greater understanding of the power of the family.  I love my family more than anything in the world and after coming here I now love them more than I ever thought possible.  Our families are eternal and I am so grateful that I can be with my family forever.  I understand why Satan would want to destroy the family.  It makes me sad to know that some people in the world don't understand how important it is so get married and have a family and be a part of God's plan.

I has been an amazing experience to share the gospel with the people I work with.  I know they think I am crazy but never before have I had such a great chance to share what I believe with other people.  At home I don't want to impose on my friends life's and I respect them so I try to share the Gospel with them by being an example and a good friend to them.  If they have questions I am there to answer them and I hope one day they too can feel the joy that the gospel brings into my life.  But here they ask so many questions because it is all new to them and they are so shocked and interested by the way I live my life.  It has been great to answer all of the questions and tell them I know the Church is true and that is why I live my life the way I do.

Many times I would be walking to work and the song I know that my redeemer lives would get stuck in my head.  It would just make me smile and make me feel comforted knowing that I know that my rediemer lives and loves me too.  I am so grateful for my life and the understanding I have of the gospel.  I am so grateful to have had the oppurtunity to live in New York for 8 weeks.  I has totally changed my perspective of life and hopefully made me a better person.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love Love Love!

Last night I got to go to another great Industry Party. The picture below is the building it was located in.  Cool hu?? 


Something was written on the wall in florescent lights.

I am in LOVE with this light fixture!

and IN LOVE again with the wall paper. and yes the walls are tilted. cooool.

The amazing view of the highline.  

Pretty much an all marble bathroom.  It looked amazing.


She loves fur haha. 

I am IN LOVE with this room and the art!!
I was pretty much in love with the whole place.  It was amazing in person. 

And the count down begins!

I only have a week left in the city. As I come to the end of my New York adventure I honestly am so glad that I did it.  I kinda decided to come her last second and I don't regret it for one second!  It has been so much fun and I have learned so much!  The last week is going to be crazy busy!  I am trying to finish everything on my list that I wanted to see and do here.  Also we are headed to Boston this weekend which should be a blast! 

In this apartment building the client lives on the 50th something floor.  My ears pop every time on the way up to the apartment.  Also the elevator just has a X on screen while it is going up.  My theory is it is moving so fast that it can't display the level you are on. haha

We were going to go to the Met last weekend and then changed our minds and went to the MOMA.  Any way there was this quote and I liked it. P.s. as soon as I took this picture with my phone someone told me I couldn't take pictures so I couldn't get a better photo.  But it says "Ever tried, Ever Failed, No matter. Try Again, Fail again, Fail better."

We also walked the Brooklyn Bridge Last week. It was sooo beautiful.

And we are a bunch of weirdos haha.

Yep still weirdos but we got some Delicious ice cream!! yum in my tum

and p.s. we went to the beach!  It was a blasssst.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ahhhh Another Weekend!

Holy cow I only have 2 1/2 weeks left!  This weekend we had a ball as always.  The city is so great and there is always something fun to do.  So right after work in friday I met up with the girls for dinner and we went to a Thai restaurant.  I have never had Thai food before so the 6 of us each got something and we all shared.  Surprisingly I really liked it!
Then Mand, Lish and I went to the TJ MAXX in NY.  It is huge!!  Well I got a cute new shirt and a running tank top that was much needed! Then we hit up McDonalds and all got a dessert.  (Mand and I are a little obsessed with their strawberry lemonades.  If you haven't tried them do itt they are delish)  Then we checked out Lish's apt and chatted forever and the realized we lost track of time and Mand and I ran home.  

Well for some reason whenever I am with Manda on the subway we always have the most entertaining singers on our car.  This particular time a man was sooo lively it was funny.  He sang the song down by the boardwalk in like twelve different voices.  His voice would change from super high to super low.  It was soo funny.  

The next morning we woke up early to take a run.  Then we went and did a service project where you serve meals to the elderly in Ny.  We are such Utah girls.  At one of the Apt. buildings we couldn't even figure out how to get into the building but we figured it out!  And it was nice to do something good for someone else who needed a little help.  

Then we got some delish pizza.  Ny has the best pizza and the slices are soooo big I love it!

We then we were sooo tired from all of the walking and waking up early that we had to take a quick nap.  We met up later and went to FAO Shortz.  ( The biggest toy store ever)  We got to play on the big piano and look at all of the cool toys.  

We also walked into a bunch of the stores on 5th Ave.  They are all beautiful and inspiring.  

Oh and another grand subway story for ya.  So we jumped on the subway and there was a man with a white mask on and a boom box on the floor of the subway.  When we realized the man was a little creepy and dancing on everyone it was too late the subway was already moving so we walked quickly to the other side of the car.  Well there was two young guys sitting down (p.s. one of them was super bloody) and Manda was dancing a little bit to the music when one of them kinda hit her and this was their conversation:
Dude:  "hey whats your name girl?"
Manda:  "Amanda"
Dude:  "are you single?" 
Manda:  "no I came here with 8 other girls"
Dude:  "ohhh I like that"
Manda:  "yep"
Dude:  "are you here for the festival?"   
Manda:  "yep"
Dude:  "well we just got out of a fight"
Manda:  "at least you made it out alive"
Dude:  "for you"
Dude:  "can I have your number"
Manda:  "maybe"
Dude:  "well I get off in two stops"
At this point we faked that the next stop was our stop and ran to another car on the subway.  There are some crazy people here!!