Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oooo.. Ooo.. Oooo.. Ooo.. This is Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

It is Halloween tomorrow and we have been celebrating all weekend!  On Friday night we made the trip to the big Salt Lake City and went to Nightmare on 13th.  I was soooo dang nervous!  But I just had too keep telling myself that it is just people dressed up to scare me and if I pretend I am not scared they won't follow me.  And it turns out it wasn't nearly as scary as I remembered and we had a ton of fun!

The Crew

Then last night we decided to make a fun Halloween dinner.  So we made some haunted punch, some witch fingers, a cupcake pumpkin patch, spooky spagetii, and some jack'o'lantern quesadillas.  It was way yummy and a lot of fun.  Then we watch the skeleton key.  It was a pretty dang creepy show.

Our Creepy Witch Fingers. Pretty good ehh?

Oh and I get to dress up for work!  So I will post my sweet costume soon!  And I just had to share this next photo.  My little sister just got a cell phone so this afternoon I got this picture in a text and thought it was so darn funny!  Love and miss you hippie Mom and Dad you look great!

The funniest thing I have ever seen!

It has been a while sense I have blogged.  I just completely lost track of time!  But my blog is under construction and as soon as I get it looking good again I will blog my heart out.  Until next time blog world.

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